Straight to the Decision Point

Artificial Intelligence at your Service

From Information to Action

We provide an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for solving the decision making bottleneck. It is a 3 steps Prioritize / Smart Analysis / Decide process to help leaders make relevant choices in time from your documents and information sources

Use Cases

Meeting Preparation
Document Analysis
Media Training

How does it Work?

Visual flash cards in your smartphones, vocal and conversational reports for: meeting preparation, strategic and executive boards, OKR goal setting definition, project management and leadership.

Your documents, e-mails, and media are aggregated and pre-processed locally or remotely (depending on the criticality level defined by the user).

Our proprietary AI/NLP technology is taylor-made for your usage, timing, declared relevance criteria towards decision making.

Bullet Points Summarization

Ranking and Selection
for Priorization

Actionable Bullet Points

User experience is designed for the decision maker to fastly read, share, delegate, store, give context... and all that directly from our app in your smartphone.